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For Catharsis on the Mall 2017, we invite everyone to bring art, collaboration, skill share, workshops, healing modalities, gifts, and involvement that explores our theme of “Nurturing the Heart”. We reflect on the deep connection of Us and Them, how personal struggles and wounds are mirrored in politics and culture, and the need for essential compassion and vulnerability to start with one’s self.

We seek to create spaces and experiences together that reflect these ideas and our mission of healing trauma. We intend to hold space and especially support contributions from folks who are often pushed to the margins and those bringing the wisdom of less colonized cultures. We know we don’t yet have all the answers, and encourage further questioning and curiosity about these areas of the human experience. Join us!

**NOTE: Our soft deadline for 2017 submissions has passed. We will make our best effort to provide space and support for your submission, but are not able to guarantee placement or a spot on the planned schedule at this time, especially if your project has a large footprint or special needs around safety, power etc. **

Want to bring your group, camp or crew, or get involved in other ways that don’t fit in these categories? Drop us a line at josh at joshcarroll dot xyz.

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