Catharsis Leadership Update



Are you interested in helping realize Catharsis on the Mall's mission and vision in 2019-2020?

We hope you consider self-nominating for the upcoming Trunk Elections! Please submit this form by May 24th, when we will close it

Following May 24th, the current Trunk & Roots will solicit feedback from our community on those nominated until May 28th. Voting will follow from May 30th through June 9th, with results announced on June 14th.

After three years of seeding and nurturing Catharsis on the Mall, we (the 2017 board) believe that in order to continue growing in a regenerative manner and to leverage community support, input and ideas, we must evolve into an organism accountable to a defined mission. Presented below is the next step in our collective evolution, which we view as an ongoing experiment always subject to reflection and further transformation.
Going forward, accountability and authority for Catharsis on the Mall belongs to an eleven person elected “Catharsis Trunk,” essentially a board created via public community elections that occurred March 22-26, 2018. The Catharsis Roots (2015-2017 board members) will exist only in a new advisory role.

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Our Mission – Catharsis on the Mall exists to create accessible spaces for healing. We do this by expanding the bounds of expression, connection, and inclusion in public and civic places, through direct engagement in participatory art, political action, holistic modalities, and sacred practice that restores ourselves and our communities, fostering social change.

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