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Making a Wish

by David Nall

Life is big. Feel small again as you gaze at nature from a bug’s life. Under the night sky a field of dandelions glow in the darkness. Recapture your childhood whimsy with colorful illumination. Make a wish and blow.

The Tiger Temple

by David Nghiem

As the son of Vietnamese refugees, whose culture and ancestral heritage was utterly wiped out by the Socialists, the Vietnam War, the French, and the Chinese Imperialists, I’ve embarked on a three year long voyage to recover what little is left of these anima ghosts, and bring them to life again. And even then, I’ve still had to battle arrogance, disrespect, and racism just to bring this to life at a Burn. I’ve already had to deal with that at Constellation Burn just recently, and the experience has emboldened me even more to bring it out in full rage at Catharsis.

The Vertebra of Creativity

by Jonathan Ash Clark, Kaitlyn Mckenzi Nelson, Bill Keys

The Vertebra of Creativity is an art piece made of 6 layers of independently moving ornately carved woodwork. inside of a massive tetrahedron splatter painted and carved by artist Hijinks (Jonathan Ash Clark).  As our collective vibration rises we spin the Vertebra of Creativity and perform a yoga of creative branching and connecting via fiber and covered by your participation. Poet Bill Keys The Poem Guy will host typewriting co-elaboration of thoughts and poems and Artist Kaitlyn Mckenzie Nelson will host co-elaboration of painted images and handcraft in which  you are invited to share your waking dream on a the spiders web of wakefulness which we will spread from the piece in a daily ritual using costumes by Kaitlyn Mckenzie Nelson and collective energy to place and vocalize intentions for rising vibrations and meeting the new world as it awakens.

Two Becoming One

by Sarah Elizabeth Swan

I like the idea of creating a better world. I feel like as someone who was so dissociative that I am now, through awakening, connecting with my heart space. This type of healing has opened up my world to so much, mainly love for myself and others and gaining a sense of acceptance with myself and belong with others. I want to help others to be able to do the same, to feel love more deeply, to feel connected with the whole, and to, as I already said, create a better world.

World Peace & Universal Love

by Christey Marie

World Peace and Universal Love are two things the human race desperately needs to work towards in order to survive and thrive as we awaken from this American Dream.

Touchy Blinky

by Uriel Guy

This is a mix of 21st century technology trying to convey the feeling and emotions of 1960s counter-culture.


by Lisa K Rosenstein

We all come from the same place.
We all need a safe space.

The piece was made in response to the horrific treatment of the
Immigrant Children and Their Parents.

Festival Directivity Matched Transition, A Community Sound System

by Giovanni Galveston

Hand built with love for all

Our Mantra is:
Dance – Sing – Speak – Teach – Learn

This sound system build is a way to help the community in the DC area to hold events that require amplified sound without having to worry about the cost.

This sound system is available gratis for fundraisers, dance events, performance, workshops, and public rallies. Since 2015 we have done over 50 free events as a gift to the community.

For Catharsis on the Mall 2018, the Community Sound System FDMT will bring the world’s first UV reflective sound system. This new system is designed to be an interactive piece of art as well as a powerful PA system to provide sound for the Love Wins Stage.

Please Support Us by spreading the word, helping us build more, or donating to our cause at our GoFundMe.

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