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American Dream Machine

The simple goal of this ingenious device is the restoration of Peace and Progress. A Rube Goldberg style contraption built collaboratively out of objects, ordinary or extraordinary, which symbolize our own American stories, our own beliefs about the “American Dream”, as well as stories that have been told to us. These may include pictures, household […]

Bee Colony Collapse Babel EU

This painting is based on the story of the Tower of Babel and the building of the European Union in Belgium. The design of the EU structure is based on drawings of the Tower of Babel. This painting is comprised of a variety of bees in pairs, each type of bee drawing represents another language […]

Brushing Out Truth

I wish to provide a communal art project to all participants of Catharsis on the Mall. This art project will be 2D, I will provide a very large (most likely 24’ x 36’) canvas. The idea for my project is a visual representation of the theme by any individual present at Catharsis on the Mall. […]

Chakra Portals

I am trying to communicate the colors of the world, along with the relation between color, energy, chakras, healing through creation and goddess energy. These circles are also to help activate and inspire spectators to become participants by drawing or creating whatever inspires them as they look at the mandalas.

Digital Fires for Analog Times

Reading bedtime stories is necessary for one to fall asleep and then Wake Up.

(Peace, Love &) Disco Tank

  The Disco Tank is an art car/mobile sound stage built on a stock chevy trailblazer. The Disco Tank relates to this years theme to it’s core. War is the biggest and oldest industry on the planet and it’s going to take a war to bring it down. The old ways, ideas, and culture of […]


“Emergence” is a symbolic representation of unity and our need as a species to grow away from our exploitative and discriminating ways of life and emerge into unity between Earth’s beings and resources. I am designing this piece to such that the LEDs sparkle at random, representing the chaos of life. The shape of the […]

Freedom Killed Lady Liberty

Statue of Liberty gunned down by four people with guns. In her last dying gesture she’s rips her heart out and raises her heart high in the air signaling that through the heart Is the new beacon from which we can liberate ourselves. My piece relates to the theme because aims to advance healing through […]

Graphic Sex Project

The #Metoo movement and the recent national pain engendered by public revelations of sexual assault have made it critical that people get better about talking about sex, openly, honestly and without shame. The Graphic Sex Project helps to empower people to speak up about their sexual preferences, and approach sex with a sense of playfulness […]

Harmonic Lotus Temple

This piece has been to several regional events.

…The American Dream

What does The American Dream mean to you? What does it look like? What does it feel like? Smell like? Come experience our immersive American Dream Simulator and reflect on these questions during daytime hours at Catharsis on the Mall! This experience is in high demand and space is limited; wait times may vary.


A flock of sheep roams the National Mall in search of meaning and joy. All they want is to mingle with the city residents, ready and lit, in their latest costumes. They bear gifts of bareback rides, songs, and good times. All they ask in return is to be treated with respect and consent. Each […]

Peace Principles

The poles are based off of the Peace Pole Project, with some Burning Man elements incorporated into the design. Each peace pole will have two sides decorated with ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ (different languages), one side will have one of the Burning Man Principles and the remaining side will have chalkboard paint (where participants […]

Piercing the Veil

Within the bubble is a black and white cityscape with the Washington DC skyline and monuments to one side, and landmarks from the rest of America vanishing into the distance, representing the material world, where the American Dream exists. Beyond the limits of the bubble are the colors and patterns and feelings of the real […]

Potion for Emotions

The relevance to the theme threads into the layers of aroma, experienced through Potions for Emotions. Smells take us into the present moment and can also trigger deep seeded memories. In fact our sense of smell is the sense most closely connected to memory. As we wake from the American dream, we learn radical self […]

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