Catharsis on the Mall

November 9th – 11th



Catharsis on the Mallexists to create accessible spaces for healing. We do this by expanding the bounds of expression, connection, and inclusion in public and civic places, through direct engagement in participatory art, political action, holistic modalities, and sacred practice that restores ourselves and our communities, fostering social change.

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We need financial support for 2018 infrastructure, large format art, and local grants.

Support Us

We need financial support for 2018 infrastructure, large format art, and local grants.

Art Theme 2018

Photo by Doug Sanford

Photo by Kris Northern

Nude Sculpture Four Stories Tall Planned for National Mall Image

By Christina Caron Activists are working to bring a steel sculpture of a 45-foot-tall nude woman to Washington, where she will temporarily face the White House from a perch on the National Mall. Transporting the sculpture from its home in San Francisco will be an...
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Judge Won’t Allow 24-Foot Bonfire Near White House

A federal judge has refused to allow activists to burn a 24-foot-tall "Temple of Rebirth" this weekend on a section of the National Mall near the White House. The Friday afternoon ruling was taken in stride by organizers of the Burning Man-style event who hoped to...
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National Park Service Retracts Approval to Install R-Evolution Sculpture of Woman on National Mall at 11th Hour

WASHINGTON, DC – Catharsis on the Mall, the group organizing to bring R-Evolution, a giant sculpture of a meditating woman by artist Marco Cochrane, to the National Mall for a vigil starting in November is stunned by the sudden last-minute retraction made by the...
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Organizers scrap nudity plans for weekend festival outside the White House

Participants and artwork at this weekend's Catharsis on the Mall event will be fully clothed, as organizers have scrapped all plans to include elements of nudity for the event. Activists originally intended to bring a 45-foot-tall statue of a nude woman to the base of...
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This 45-foot statue of a naked woman could be coming to the Mall for four months

A 45-foot-tall statue of a nude woman, weighing in at 16,000 pounds, will greet visitors on the Mall for four months if activists have their way. They say the steel statue would stand in a yoga mountain pose near the Washington Monument facing the White House,...
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