Free For The Public

The National Mall,
Washington DC, USA

Open To All Ages


Catharsis on the Mall exists to create accessible spaces for healing. We do this by expanding the bounds of expression, connection, and inclusion in public and civic places, through direct engagement in participatory art, political action, holistic modalities, and sacred practice that restores ourselves and our communities, fostering social change.




This buzzing hub of positive, enthusiastic, and dependable volunteers will be responsible for holding down the fort at HQ, providing on-going support to our volunteers at the event, and facilitating shift changes between departments. If someone can’t find their volunteer group? The HQ connect you! A volunteer misses their shift? No problem! HQ has got you covered! Someone shows up and wants to volunteer? HQ will plug you in!


Infrastructure & Logistics

Building.. setting up…tearing down and making sure we are cleaning up as we go. Are you ready to pitch in? It takes a village and we’d appreciate your help.



The Curation team assists with supporting all camps and other curated spaces at Catharsis to ensure they are successful and compliant with all CotM guidelines and requirements. The group of volunteers also supports scheduled events during Catharsis and check in artists arriving on the National Mall.


Permitting & Safety

Permitting & Safety team ensures that Catharsis on the Mall is compliant with all permitting requirements of the National Park Service and that all activities are being conducted safely for participants and the public.


Ambassadors and Guides

We are a team of volunteers who welcome, orient, and guide attendees through Catharsis! We get curious passerby excited to explore the space and we help people have a great time during the event! Join us to create the mixing bowl on the Mall, informing and enchanting passersby and participants alike. Want to be the face and friendliness of Catharsis? These are the roles for you!

Trunk Elections

Catharsis on the Mall to Hold 5th Annual Free Healing Vigil May 3-5

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   May 2, 2019 Contact: Nikolas Schiller, 202-643-3878   Catharsis on the Mall to Hold 5th Annual Free Healing Vigil May 3-5 Art Theme “Our Mothership” Invites Visiting Public to Connect with the Movement for...

A miniature Burning Man is coming to the National Mall, minus the alcohol and drugs

Every year since 2015, the organizers behind Catharsis on the Mall have staged a weekend-long, miniature Burning Man beside the Washington Monument. This year, they are offering an addition to their typical festival of lectures, all-night dance parties and flammable art: decent weather.

Burning Man, Catharsis on the Mall and Caps of Liberty

Graham St John Abraxis at the Capital. “Are they Smurf hats?” I queried my neighbor, as we spy three cats in weird red hats taking the stage. These unassuming pied pipers are about to incite the burnerverse. I’m inside the Marriott’s sprawling Davis Hall at the 2017 Burning Man Global Leadership Conference, Oakland, California. Over six-hundred participants — “community leaders” from regions near and far in Burning Man’s transnational movement — have assembled. Crowned by red felt caps with their conical tops pulled forward, the trio are Roman Haferd, Adam Eidinger, and Josh Carroll, co-founders of Catharsis on the Mall.

Catharsis On The Mall Releases Critical Comments on National Park Service Proposed Restrictions and Fees for First Amendment Activities on Public Lands

WASHINGTON, DC – Organizers of Catharsis on the Mall, a public vigil designed to create an artistic space for healing and demonstration that takes place near the base of the Washington Monument, has issued critical comments on proposed restrictions of First Amendment...

Catharsis on the Mall to Hold Annual Healing Vigil During Planned “Military Parade” Over Veterans Day Weekend, November 9-11

WASHINGTON, DC – Catharsis on the Mall, a public vigil designed to create an artistic space for healing and transformation, is fundraising and calling for participants for this year’s occasion. Now in its fourth year, the vigil has been held annually during Veterans...

Free Festival Brings Yoga, Film Screenings, Classes, Dancing to the Mall

Although the National Park Service denied Catharsis on the Mall a permit to erect a 45-foot statue of a giant woman, the free festival will still bring art, music, yoga and dance to the District beginning Friday. The all-night, all-weekend affair begins at noon...

Catharsis 2017 Media Advisory

WASHINGTON, DC – Catharsis on the Mall, an annual public vigil dedicated to a creative community experience at which all are welcome, will host a press conference on Friday, November 10, from 4:00 - 5:30 pm in the northwest quadrant of the Washington Monument Grounds...

National Park Service Retracts Approval to Install R-Evolution Sculpture of Woman on National Mall at 11th Hour

WASHINGTON, DC – Catharsis on the Mall, the group organizing to bring R-Evolution, a giant sculpture of a meditating woman by artist Marco Cochrane, to the National Mall for a vigil starting in November is stunned by the sudden last-minute retraction made by the...

Catharsis on the Mall Launches Crowdfund to Install Giant Sculpture of Woman at the Washington Monument for Annual Healing Vigil

WASHINGTON, DC – Catharsis on the Mall, an annual public vigil dedicated to building community by creating space for healing and transformation, which coincides with Veterans Day weekend, is fundraising for this year’s upcoming event and also for the installation of...

Temple Burn Complaint


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